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Something sweet for the holidays


Christmas is finally here! The most keenly-awaited holidays of the year and their climax – yes, presents! – are about to arrive! Come on, don’t pretend, we all like receiving presents at this time of year. And everyone’s got a sweet tooth, no matter what they might say! Still don’t know what we’re talking about? Then keep reading… Continue reading

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Lifestyle, Recipes

A truly addictive snack: popcorn with Olive Oil from Spain

A truly addictive snack: popcorn with Olive Oil from Spain

There are some mysteries that humanity has still failed to resolve. What came first: the movies or popcorn? Don’t worry. You don’t have to answer now. Choose your favorite movie before someone gets there first and get ready for a home cinema session. We’ll supply the popcorn, obviously. Well, at least we’ll tell you our secret so they turn out to be fabulous. ;)

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How to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner without killing yourself in the attempt


Doesn’t time fly? It seems as if we were celebrating Thanksgiving yesterday and next thing you know, riiiinngggg, the diary alarm goes off to let you know another Thanksgiving, one of the most hotly-anticipated family meals of the year, is just around the corner.

 There are so many things that need to be organized in advance and, as always, you’re very tight for time: going shopping, decorating the home, laying the table, hiding the wine from granddad, cooking the turkey… and as if that wasn’t enough, you need to keep the kids entertained. The kids and the not-so-young as well, and then there are always those distant cousins who you never see and then sign up at the last minute to unbalance the celebratory numbers.

Doing all of this is practically impossible unless you’re Superman, or Superwoman, naturally. J But don’t despair, because that’s going to happen anyway during dinner when your cousins start sharing those “amusing” photos on WhatsApp.

The first task to get out of the way to ensure everything goes smoothly is to keep the kids busy. So while you’re occupied with all the last-minute stuff, you’ll only have to put up with impertinent questions from those cousins who’ve just tagged along for a free meal and are about to drive you insane. The thing to do is make the kids feel they’re doing something important: tell them that this year they’re going to be in charge of making the place cards and the rings for the napkins. That’ll keep them bound to their chairs. And this time you won’t even need to use a rope.


If the kids have been good, and we’re sure they have, a nice reward would be to take them to watch the annual extravaganza that is the Macy’s parade in New York. If that’s a bit too far to travel, another option might be to prepare a bowl of irresistible popcorn  and park them in front of the TV to watch the football.

The peace and quiet you’ll achieve will give you enough time to deal with all the final details, and most importantly to keep a watchful eye on the turkey so it doesn’t burn. By the way, if you want the skin to go really golden and crispy, try anointing it generously with olive oil before popping it in the oven. It really makes a difference!

Another secret we’d like to pass on for your Thanksgiving menu is to add a splash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your mashed potato to give it a creamy touch. Wait till you see the look of envy on your mother-in-law’s face!

And as no detail is too much for this special meal, here’s another tip that’ll serve you in good stead: dip the edges of the glasses you’re serving the cocktails in into olive oil and then sugar. This will give them a very different and extremely chic touch. This year, Thanksgiving will be unbeatable!

IMG_0550If you’d like more original ideas, visit our recipe book. You’ll find lots of dishes that would be ideal for this occasion.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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An absolutely irresistible recipe for meatballs


If there’s one recipe that’s an invitation to ‘dip your bread’, it’s got to be meatballs, those delicious little spheres of juicy meat bathed in an irresistible slow-cooked sauce. There’s nothing better than soaking up the sauce with a chunk of fresh bread… doesn’t it make your mouth water just thinking about it? Then keep reading… Continue reading

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